Rina SESTITO ARCE graduated from the Faculty of Arts of the University of Geneva and she has always had a fervent interest in art, history and archaeology. She starts as a secondary school teacher and goes on to integrate the Protocol Department at the City of Geneva.

She then follows her husband to Alsace for his work and discovers the city of Colmar together with her three children. A few years later, she aspires to get back into active life and discovers the so-called “alternative” medicine. Intrigued, she enrolls in several classes, and in particular kinesiology and biological decryption of illnesses and life events.

She also worked as a translator – interpreter at the Colmar Regional Court and at the moment of taking her oath, she meets a colleague who informs her that the Tourism Office is desperately searching for Italian-speaking guides. She is very interested because it provides her the opportunity to interact with people of all ages and national and cultural backgrounds, and to introduce them to the rich and eventful past of the region.

Working as a guide becomes a pretext to undertake research on art and history and also on traditions and legends. One day she makes a lapsus by typing “argotica” in her search engine: an article in Italian appears, it talks about the esoteric dimension of the gothic cathedral and this discovery will not let her go.

Books, online conferences and training: all outlets are good to pursue her new passion: alternative therapies, ancient cities, the language of birds, esotericism, alchemy, near-death experiences and quantum physics.

Masaru EMOTO has demonstrated the interaction between the Word and the structure of the water : can you imagine the creative power of the Verb towards the human beings composed by 65% of water ? (photography EMOTO of the water to which it has been said “your are beautiful”)

And to say that when she started as a guide what bored her most was to explain the cathedral…

– One day we will all die, Snoopy
– Yes, but all the other days we will live.