The cathedral, a way to the Light (photography F. LO IARRO)

Promised for paradise,
we are all condemned to the Light.
So be it. : french – italian- english (translated by V. POPPE) – german (translated by R. MÜLLER) – spanish translated by A. LEON-COLOTTE)

The esoteric language made of symbols, geometry, statuary, proportions or orientation is illustrated in this book through references to various European gothic cathedrals. It appears that this language stems from the knowledge of ancient civilisations, especially Celtic, Egyptian, Hebrew, Greek, Sufi or Hindu. Consequently, the spiritual dimension of the gothic cathedral has similarities with world famous sites such as the Pyramid of Giza or Stonehenge.

The writer literally takes the reader by the hand and, step by step, guides him or her through the space contained by the walls of the cathedral, stopping at various parts of the building to explain the meaning or meanings, hidden or not. The reader learns that the cathedral is an invitation to discover, as experienced by the pilgrims of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, and like in King Arthur’s legend of the Quest for the Graal.

The gothic cathedral is the Path of wisdom with Love as its final destination. It is the Path to Awakening which cannot be travelled in one stretch but must be accomplished in several steps.

Each step spoliates our wanderings, each step purifies us more and prepares us to move into the world of the Hereafter, a world free of matter and where Unconditional Love reigns.

The spiritual teaching present in the gothic cathedral coincides with recent medical research on the brain; the difference between the brain and consciousness and the functioning of the heart, all corroborated by testimonies of near-death experiences.

Ultimately the essence of the teaching offered by the gothic cathedral lies in its space, in its void. A void resembling a resonance chamber built in a way akin to our Universe, in which we evolve and which produces a Permanent Sound.

We are living through a new era where Spirituality and Science seem to have the same visualisation of the Universe, Life, Death and the Afterlife.

The Universe is a Sound and music one of the key expressions of esoteric language. Composed of 7 keys, the musical notes must therefore open seven doors. This book professes to offer the locks.


p. 29 : One does not enter a cathedral fortuitously: one chooses to enter it and discovers its teaching while wandering through it. Therefore, before beginning to discover the spiritual teaching delivered by the building, let us already realise that the cathedral represents the idea we have of the Path.

Walking through the cathedral is an act of pilgrimage, a walk taken throughout the times and in all religions, one similar to the route from Gaul to Compostela, already a route of pilgrimage in the Neolithic period and indicated by mounds of stone or scallop shells. In the same way, pilgrims today find their route thanks to the scallop shell carved or painted on the religious buildings along the Camino, when it is not the shape of the main square of the city of Siena …

The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is the ultimate achievement between the Stone and the Light (photography P. LONGCHAMP)

The Archangel Michael in Hebrew, or Saint-Michel in French, is the guide appointed to point the direction towards Compostela with his sword of fire which symbolises the just instrument, aligned and able to break through matter. […] In fact the Archangel is always raised on an octagonal pedestal, because the figure eight represents the threshold between the Sky (the top loop of the eight) and the Earth (the bottom loop of the eight): The Archangel stands on the junction of the figure eight, between the human world and the inverted world and indicates the direction of Compostela through the Durandal sword, which belongs to the defender of Christianity, Roland.

Alchemy is not defined as a science, but as a Great Work, because it introduces the idea of an interaction between the experimenter and matter, similar to the principle of the “coefficient of charm” of which quantum physicists speak. The alchemist considers that by taking the same ingredients, the effects obtained will vary according to the level of consciousness of the experimenter. Alchemy is not a science, but an art. […] The alchemist considers that matter has a soul; and alchemy has three paths […] the three Magi are an allegory of these three paths. […] In the same way the cathedral is a therapeutic path analogous to a megalithic structure with a roof and which proposes ablutions in order to obtain the purification of the body (the matter) and the spirit (the ether).

[…] The sacred sites of the world are angled to receive the sun’s rays at one of these dates and in particular during the spring equinox, as the daytime hours starts getting longer than the nighttime. The spring equinox coincides with Easter, the resurrection, the victory of light over darkness. […] The gothic cathedral is an extraordinary astronomical machine that describes the Christic mission, which can also be understood from an astronomical point of view. […] But what is the celestial sign of 25 December? In fact, during the winter solstice a particular optical phenomenon occurs:

On 22 December, the Sun is at its lowest, and it is precisely on this date that the days are the shortest of the year; • then, between 22 and 25 December, or for 3 days, the eye no longer perceives solar movement; • and on 25 December, the sun rises to the north, a degree under the constellation of the Crux: de la Croix! Moreover, on 25 December, the Sun is aligned with the three stars of the Orion Belt (representing the three Magi), all situated on the same axis as the star of Bethlehem: the Prophet, thus Jesus, is born on Earth while his story is written in the Heavens! In other words, having Jesus born on 25 December is an effective way to show that Christ is the Light that will overcome the Darkness and that he delivers the Universal Message.

[…] the quality of the sound produced by a bell depends on the metals used and the shape given to its interior, its vacuity. The bell and the cathedral are analogous to our Universe: a sound generating space. […] But it is necessary to differentiate “vacuity” from “nothing”. Nothing is nothing; while vacuity is a place of conception, a sound matrix: a “quantum plenum” as the philosopher ERVIN Laszlo would say. The quantum plenum is the space needed for the electron to gravitate around the nucleus, making the atom a vibratory element: the cathedral is designed to reproduce the structure of the Universe. […] Builders of cathedrals adhered to this musical conception of the universal reality and which coincides with the principle of fractality discovered in the 70s by the mathematician, Benoît MANDELBROT. […] It is then time to observe more closely the musical language, the meaning of musical notes, because each note has its reach.

The Knights Templar played chess from the time they were in the Holy Land and having discovered the deep meaning of this game, they decide to line the nave with a chromatic play of light and dark stones. What is the teaching of chess? […] The chessboard represents life in which two sides evolve, the two universal polarities: the whites and the blacks, namely the Light and the Darkness. According to the rules of the game, whoever chooses the whites plays first: the light is always a step ahead and because of this, whites are mathematically doomed to victory! […] What is inferred by this? A physical reality: the light itself exists, it is visible and quantifiable, because it is a wave of shape. You understand? A wave, another musical term. Unlike light, the shadow itself does not exist: there is light or there is a lack of light that we call shadow. But the shadow itself does not exist […] so it cannot win the game.

The labyrinth of the cathedral is a direct reminder of the Cretan labyrinth. And while the labyrinth of King Minos has no way out, the labyrinth of cathedrals is a path with an exit, it is an alchemical path from Darkness to Light. The labyrinth is the symbol of our inner journey, that which we concretely accomplish in our daily life, a life that we do not control, hence our wanderings and hesitations. Suddenly, by analogy, the labyrinth is tortuous […]

The idea that a smile carries an esoteric message may be astonishing […] Laughter is the “evil” protagonist of MACHIAVEL’s theater which has marked the whole European culture. So beware of the smiling statue, far from being innocuous it indicates that, in that cathedral, there is question of subversive expression …

We are waves of light and sound that have been slowed down, a travelling package of frequencies tuned to the cosmos. We are souls dressed in sacred clothing of biochemistry and our bodies are the instruments by which our souls play their music. […]
Everything is energy and that is all there is to understand in life. Align yourself with the frequency of reality you want and that reality will manifest itself. It cannot be otherwise. This is not philosophy. It’s physics.


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By Rina

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